Wrap your goals in something you love

When it comes to personal goals we sometimes find it a bit hard to push through and make progress. Whether its stop drinking, read more, or lose weight, there are always reasons why it just isn’t possible at the moment. “It’s someone’s birthday”, “ I want to watch another episode of X on Netflix”, or “it’s just too hard”.

You need something else to nudge you over the edge and start to make the progress you want towards your goal.

I’m a middle-aged, father of five, with a busy life and a few extra pounds that I’d like to get rid of, and one day a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of “Man v Fat Football”.

The concept here is that fellas who like to play football (or soccer for those of a North American flavour) you can do so, in an environment where the game is only half of the activity. It works on the premise that each team is filled with players who aim to lose some weight, and the team is rewarded by not just the goals they score on the pitch, but also the goals they hit off the pitch.

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Last week my team won 9–5 on the pitch, but following the assessment of the pre-match weigh-ins, the match ended 12–10 in our favour, due to a number of players on each team managing to lose some weight since the previous match. Own-goals are also scored for those who gain weight.

For me, the major plus is getting out and playing some football as it’s something I’ve enjoyed since I was a child, but the added bonus comes with being able to push me towards my own goal of losing a little bit of weight without it seeing like a chore. I get changed, run about, have fun, and I might lose a pound or two, all without it seeing like I was doing something I enjoyed rather than something I felt obliged to do.

It got me thinking. What other ways can we bring our goals inside something we love so that we enjoy them, rather than dread them?

  • Want to lose weight but would rather stay at home and read a book? — Go for a walk and listen to an audiobook
  • Want to read a book but you’re too busy at the gym? — Audiobooks could again be your answer
  • Want to go on a course to learn a new language but you’re spending twelve hours at work and don’t have the time? — get online when you’re relaxing in the bath and get Duolingo out
  • Want to lose weight but don’t have the time, then replace the metro with a walk a couple of days a week and get that step count up.
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Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

There are ways and means to get where you want, and by wrapping it in something that you enjoy (or even something you have to do) then half of the challenge has gone.

It’s the start of 2020, the time of making resolutions, so why not just think of the resolution, but also think of the plan that would give you the best chance to stick to your resolution.

What do you want to achieve?

How can you combine this with something you love?

Good luck!

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