My Top 10 product posts of 2019

It’s been throughly enjoyable writing for Medium in 2019 and receiving all the positive comments and reactions to my posts, so I thought I’d share the posts that have had the best reactions this year.

  1. What flavour product manager do you need?

All about the different backgrounds that product managers have, and the importance of a PM understand where their skills lie and recruiters of PMs to understand what they really need to drive their business forward.

2. Tools of a successful product manager

Taking a look at the key software tools I use as a PM and why they are key in being able to succeed in the role.

3. Creating, managing and optimizing a warehouse full of product ideas

Where a Product Manager really earns their money is in sorting through all ideas and working out which ones will make the product better, but how do you make sure you keep track of all the ideas?

4. Your annual product performance review

What should we be monitoring of ourselves so that we can make the necessary adjustments to keep delivering value?

5. How to hire the right product manager

How do you test for the skills of a product manager when you are looking to recruit one for your business, when the skills are so varied?

6. Be 10% better than you were

An old post from 2018, but it still resonated in 2019 as I look at how just making a small adjustment can over time lead to large improvements in results.

7. Do you trust your team to work at home?

48% of businesses don’t allow remote working in their business and there are good reasons for them not doing so, but does this actually impact their overall productivity?

8. Let the quiet people work at home more

Another post on the subject of working from home, which even spawned a follow up post, as we look at whether introverts should work at home more often than extroverts.

9. The product manager interview questions you should use

Ten questions to test the skills of potential product managers, to find out if they’re the right fit for you and your business.

10. Should your largest client drive your product strategy

When you’ve got a B2B software product where the businesses you market to are large enterprise clients, then you run the risk of listening to the loudest voice in the room. Should you?

Thanks for all your support and feedback in 2019 and here’s for more of the same in 2020!

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