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Robert Drury
1 min readJul 14, 2022



👋 I’m Robert Drury, a product management professional living in the UK. I’ve worked in software development since 2000, in recruitment, fintech, and retail industries.

✍️I write on Medium all about product management, with a focus on getting into a product career, and just starting out in product. That’s why my Medium publication is called Getting Started in Product 😊

🤝 I also write on my own site (also called Getting Started in Product), where I also support people in preparing their CVs or for interviews.

✉️You can get in touch or connect with me on LinkedIn.

📝 If you are keen for me to write content for your own services then you can get in touch with me either here or via LinkedIn.

🎤 I’ve been on a few podcasts and you can access these from the links below:

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Robert Drury

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