Are You Over 50?

If so, what late career advice do you have?

Robert Drury
Jan 9, 2024

Making the assumption that people might be looking at retire in their mid-60s, I’m interested to know what advice people who are aged over 50 have for the last period of their career?

  • Should you be looking for one last great opportunity? If so, how do you overcome the recruitment bias of organizations hiring younger people over older?
  • Should you be consolidating where you are now? If so, how do you keep the interest alive?
  • Should you be looking for steps to extend your career beyond the average retirement age?

No right or wrong answers. Just opinions.

Just respond below and add your thoughts.

I’m keen to see how other “oldies” are seeing this phase of their working lives.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR on Unsplash



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