Aimlessly browsing the internet is good for you

We’ve all gone down that rabbit hole. The one where we look at something on the internet, maybe an article on a news media site, and then clicked on one of the related stories, and before you know it an hour has passed and you’ve not done what you were supposed to be doing.

Articles and experts a plenty will tell you that this is not a great thing to do, the internet will mess with your brain, and impair your ability to get stuff done, but I’m here to tell you that it can be good for you and that you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

Browsing the internet can be inspiring. It can be motivational. It can improve productivity, not just for you but for your employer. It can set you off on the path to greatness.

Knowing that Kim Kardashian has a 42 inch butt might on the surface seem to have no value, but in the right mind it could lead to inspiration …

Perhaps for a big butt clothes line, or chairs with wider seats.

Seeing how a website encourages its readers to subscribe might make you consider how your business tries to convince its customers to part with their cash, or reading about a startup founder whose morning routine of meditation allowed them to focus on the growth of their business might give you confidence to change your routine and bring some focus back into your life, benefiting you and those around you.

The issue is not the internet or the seemingly pointless content that swirls all around it, but how engaged you as a consumer of the content are with it. If you’re aware of what you’re doing and you’re observing and learning, then those observations and learning can be repurposed in some part of your life.

Take inspiration from the information around you. Make improvements to your life and the way you live it. Challenge your colleagues to take steps towards making your work environment better for all.

Just don’t mindlessly browse. We don’t have enough time on this earth to spend it doing things we can’t actually remember an hour after we’ve done it.

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